Self Love, Vibrators, and The Dating Scene

Self Love, Vibrators, and The Dating Scene

I have a little secret...

A dirty little one that may cause you to judge me, look at me with the side eye, or even might inspire you to look into it yourself (fingers crossed).

I find it so benefical to love on my lady parts while I navigate the dating scene full of users, manipulators, and even men that are straight up to no good.  I make it a priority to make my self orgasm before I fall trap on a date and end up doing something I might regret.

Let me give you two scenarios from two real things that happen on dates with two different endings. (PS this is just a regular hetero example)

Scenario 1:

A woman goes out on a date with a good looking man. He's everything she could want physically and mentally in a man but she made the decision to hold out on sex until she gets to know him more. They go out on a date and he's looking extra good, smelling good, suave, and full of sex appeal. Umm Hi Idris?

All of that turns the girl extremely on and it just so happens that she hasn't had sex in 5 months. She's itching for a release as he smooth talks her in her ear, telling her everything she wants to hear. One thing turns into the next and she finds herself in HER bed regretful, now thinking that she's moved too fast. Her sexual frustration caused her cloudiness in her decision making and now she distances herself from that man in fear that he might judge her and his assumption that they will continue to have casual sexual encounters now that she's put out already...even if she doesn't want to (but she ain't turning down some good sex either.)

Scenario 2:

The same girl goes out with the same man. He's still good looking. Tons of sex appeal. He still whispers in her ear how good she looks in her little black dress while his hand touches her lower back. She still feels that tingling up her spine and her body still responds as it should to stimuli like his. But here's the the twist, she makes a practice of loving on her yoni and she's invested in a bomb vibrator that takes her up Mount Kilimanjaro and back down. She strategically had her a "little session" before her date. This girl is running the show as her mind is clear, she's feeling sexy, and her bullshit radar is on 100. She plays along but her lady parts are in check because she's not a horny girl waiting to get her itch scratched. She able to exhibit sex appeal and make her date's mind run wild all without dropping her panties. YOU GO GIRL!

So hopefully by now you can see the benefits of "getting off" before you go off on a date. I religiously practice it and it has helped me tremendously while I navigate the dating scene. I encourage every girl to love on their lady parts in general. It’s so good for you.

Let me do add this, I'm not throwing any shade or judgment to the gals that do put out on the first, second, third date, etc . This advice is for women that want to have a bit more control over their sex life without making rash decisions because we're caught up in the heat of the moment.

Now onto some suggestions for you divas out there. My current buzz buddy (vibrator) is the We-Vibe Tango. It’s small, powerful, and it's rechargeable. I love it. But if you're looking for a cheaper option check out The Screaming O vibrator. I used to have the lipstick shaped one and I loved its discreteness!

This is just one way I navigate the dating scene like a boss and take control of my sexuality but I want to hear how you do it. If you've tried my method how was your experience? I.WANT.TO.KNOW.

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