15 Black Women Bloggers in Food & Wellness You Should Follow on IG & More

Dear Sis, 

I see you working on your health. I recognize you. The Holiday season is upon us, now is the time to stay strong, and prepare for the new year. Enjoy your Holiday favorites in moderation. Let me help you kick your health conciousness up a notch!

Food and wellness can mean a number of things to millennials. There’s always some new obsession, some latest craze--from Kombucha to Avocado Toast to pouring coconut oil over your whole life. I became obsessed with all things health after some personal health struggles and learning about health disparities and food injustice in the Black community,  and with Black women in particular.  I decided that I would take care of myself first, no matter what. I wouldn’t let my job, school, church or even family come before my health. Let’s demystify some of the most common buzzwords words we see on the internets:

Vegan:  an individual who does not consume or wear animals or their byproducts. No meat, leather or honey. 

Vegetarian: a individual who does not consume meat. 

Ovo-vegetarian: an individual who does not consume meat but does eat eggs. 

Paleo: A diet focused on foods only consumed during the Paleolithic Era (lean protein--yes meat, healthy fat and fruits and vegetables, no dairy). 

Whole 30: A diet eliminating sugar, soy, alcohol, grains, legumes and dairy. 

Keto: Short for Ketogenic, a low carb high-fat diet. 

Gluten-free: When an individual cannot consume wheat or related grains due to the protein it produces. People with a gluten sensitivity cannot break it down causing a number of negative reactions. 

Alkaline: A diet focused on consuming foods that are alkaline rather than acidic. 

Indigenous food: Foods unique to a region and culture of indigenous people (non-hybrid foods). 

Raw: A diet of foods consumed without cooking or processing.

Take control of your mental and emotionl health too. Start by following these Black women influencers in food and wellness. It’s time to cleanse your Instagram timeline. Is the content you are consuming distracting you from your goals? Helping you to become a better person? Entertaining you in positive ways? If not, you need to cut it. Hit that unfollow button and check these accounts out instead:

  1. Chef Ahki @chefahki Celebrity Chef, Indigenous Women’s Activist
  2. Jenne’ Claiborne @sweetpotatosoul Vegan Chef, Youtuber
  3. Hannah Bronfman Fallis @hannahbronfman & @hbfit  DJ & HBFit Founder
  4. Chelsea Williams @thatschelsea Plant Based Wellness Blogger, MPH, CCPH
  5. Wendy and Jess @foodheavenshow  Registered Dieticians, BFFs w/ MS in Nutrition
  6. Lisa B @thegoodvibrationsbook Celebrity Barber & Alkaline-Vegan Life Coach
  7. Nicole Bourn @veganmomlifestyle Vegan Mom
  8. Aala Marra @aalamarra Cured herself of autoimmune disease using a self-designed cleanse.
  9. Lauren Paige @lpfedme Certified Whole 30 Coach, Kitchen Witch
  10. Mariama Brambele @brownbelle (see photo) Modern Homemaker, Home Cook, Plant Addict 
  11. Joi Nicole @veganwithjoi Plant based Babe, Foood Blogger
  12. Trinity Mouzon Wofford @trinitymouzon & @goldetumeric Tumeric Wellness
  13. Krystal Mack @krystalmack & @blk.sugar  Self Taught Pastry Chef
  14. Ashlea Carver @allthehealthythings (see photo) Wellness Blogger
  15. MJ @prettydopemaya Plant Based Babe, Entreprenuer

I’m an avid instagrammer-- I saw @califiafarms post a list of bloggers their following and to my disappointment, there were no Black people on the list. I decided I wanted to make a list of the poppin Black women in food and wellness. It’s safe to say I’m obsessed with Califia Farms products, they make my matcha and turmeric lattes bomb. I will continue to support them, hopefully they’ll see this list!

Overall, these women are of various, ages, backgrounds and have multiplicitous approaches to food and wellness. We are never to put an individual on a pedalstool, but we are to honor them, learn what we can and create our own unique path to optimal health and happiness. Let’s get going!

With love, 

Shekinah Hockenhull


Disclaimer: Photos used here are not owned by the author or fanmafanm.com, they do not profit from them in any way.